United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP)

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UN Agency

Type d'organisation

UN agency

Domaines d'interventio en matière de système d'ESEC et ID

Birth registration, Cause-of-death, Civil Registration, CRVS, CRVS & ID, CRVS and health, Death registration, Identity management, Vital statistics

Mandat de l'organisation

ESCAP, the regional development arm of the United Nations in Asia and the Pacific, is committed to a resilient region, shared prosperity, social equity and sustainability. ESCAP works to overcome some of the region's greatest challenges though normative work, technical assistance and capacity building in 7 core areas of work (http://www.unescap.org/our-work). Through its broad mandate of social and economic development, its convening power and the expertise found in the Statistics Division and Statistical Institute for Asia and the Pacific, ESCAP serve as a key facilitator and hub for CRVS activities in the region.

ESCAP offers a comprehensive and broad multilateral platform to promote CRVS as a central development issue at the national, regional and global level. The ESCAP secretariat is working with Member States and a range of development partners to improve CRVS systems for the betterment of rights, governance and data.

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